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How do you make it easier to walk and bike around a community?

Posted on by Amy Ginsburg

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Let's choose a grid

According to this article, there are six things a community can do to encourage people to ditch heir cars and instead walk or bike as the go about their day. Here’s how the Pike District scores on each.


1) Stop building cul-de-sacs and bring back the grid

(Yes — the Pike District is developing a robust grid throughout the White Flint area.)

2) Change zoning rules to allow for density and mixed-use development.

(Yes — The 2010 Sector Plan did just that.)

3) Eliminate parking requirements

(Sort of — we’re definitely headed in the right direction.)

4) Put roads on a diet and make lanes narrower.

(Sort of — look for more of this in the future, especially on Route 355 and other main thoroughfares.)

5) Build protected bike lanes

(Yes — check out at Woodglen and Nebel and soon lots of other streets in the Pike District.)

6) Connect bike lanes to create usable routes

(Sort of — The County is working to make this a reality.)




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