#PickthePike at the Pike Central Farmer’s Market

#PickthePike at the Pike Central Farmer’s Market

As people stuffed their bags full of sweet corn and bright red tomatoes, they stopped to talk to Friends of White Flint board member Eric Grosse to learn more about our #PickthePike campaign (and other issues affecting the White Flint area.)

If you’re interested in volunteering to staff our table at the Pike Central Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings, please email us at info@whiteflint.org. We’ll give you talking points and lots of information so you’re fully prepared. If you can volunteer for an hour or a two, or even a whole morning, we’d be grateful.

Thanks for helping to spread the word about our #PickthePike campaign to entice Marriott to choose the Pike District for their new headquarters.

Amy Ginsburg


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