Western Workaround — Important Report

Western Workaround — Important Report

Phase 2 of the Western Workaround  Mandatory Referral will be reviewed by the Planning Board on September 10. The report, which was released on Friday, is available here:  http://www.montgomeryplanningboard.org/agenda/2015/agenda20150910e.html.

Please take a moment to browse through this report and give Friends of White Flint your thoughts by COB today, September 8, so we can testify on Thursday in a way that best represents a majority of our members’ viewpoints.  Send your opinions and thoughts to info@whiteflint.org.

Tomorrow morning, please look for a written summary of the report on our blog. We’ll also make a few comments on the report, so check back at www.whiteflint.org tomorrow morning, same bat-time, same bat-station.


Amy Ginsburg


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