What Happened at Today’s White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee Meeting

What Happened at Today’s White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee Meeting

We attend because you don’t have the time to do so ….

Brian Downie, Chairman’s Report

  • This year is an opportunity to gain momentum and build on the groundwork the committee laid over the past two years.

  • ULI Technical Assistance Panel will be meeting October 21 and 22 to discuss streetscape criteria, wayfinding, and physically identifying the Pike District area.

  • Please tell Brian your ideas for topics and speakers for future meetings

Ken Hartman, Bethesda-Chevy Chase Regional Center

  • We are maintaining and mowing the bike plaza on Edson and by the Catholic Charities building

  • Need a flashing-light truck to pick up trash. Working on this problem.

  • White Flint is maintaining the median and picking up garbage on the median in front of the Mall

Peggy Schwarz, TMD

  • Walk n Ride — October 5 – 23

  • Starting survey on mode share, where people commute from, transit passes,and other transportation issues

  • September 22 is Car Free Day

Nkosi Yearwood, Montgomery Planning

  • Western Workaround on September 10 board’s agenda

  • Saul Centers should get going this fall

  • White Flint 2 Scope of Work wnet to board last week

  • September 17 — public meeting about schools in the White Flint 2 sector at Walter Johnson High School

County Executive’s Office

  • CIP Planning Process beginning

  • Community meeting on Transportation, including early design for the Conference Center Garage held on October 19

  • September 24 — Transit Task Force Public Meeting

Marketing Committee

  • Participated in two Grill Nights and Slider Smackdown

  • Need to better market events in the Pike District

  • Taste of Bethesda October 2

Fringe Festival Event

  • October 8, 2016 at 7 different locations in the Pike District

  • High school performers may be invited to also perform

  • Will give Pike District an identity and signature event while engaging the community

Strategic Planning

  • Successful retreat in July

  • Need to deterring what services committee wants to provide, what legislative work must be done to create a BID, and how to fund services and BID.


  • Will be updating content and building Twitter account

Amy Ginsburg


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