How gorgeous is BF Saul’s Building A?

How gorgeous is BF Saul’s Building A?

Last week at a public meeting and a couple of days ago at the White Flint Implementation Committee meeting, BF Saul introduced the public to their plans for their site located on the west side of Rockville Pike between Marinelli and Nicholson (where the McDonald’s currently offers Big Macs and nuggets.) And now, we’re happy to share these drawings with you.

Building A is heading for site plan approval and boasts 330 dwelling units (rental units) as well as 15,000 square feet of non-residential space. The architects aimed to maximize pedestrian feel with an iconic pedestrian plaza. Building A features a green roof and neutral colors. A low water feature will create white noise so outdoor diners won’t be disturbed by the cars driving on the Pike. The water feature is designed to be equally attractive in the winter when it’s too cold to run water. Building A will be anywhere from 210′ to 260′ away from the Grand.

And now, without further delay, the drawings of Building A!


Amy Ginsburg


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Mike King

Yep, just what we need – more development on Rockville Pike. Because there’s not nearly enough traffic already, especially at rush hour. Greedy developers, greedy county government. Glad I don’t live here anymore – bad enough that I still work here, though.

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