What you missed at the White Flint 2 October 14th Meeting

What you missed at the White Flint 2 October 14th Meeting

White Flint 2
Dozens of people gave their priorities to the Montgomery Planning Department at the October 14 White Flint 2 Meeting at Luxmanor Elementary.
After an introduction and welcome by Planning Board Chair Casey Anderson, Planning Board staff gave an overview of White Flint 2. (You can view their informative PowerPoint here.)  Here are a couple of interesting tidbits:
  • The largest age group in White Flint 2 are people aged 25 to 34 with the second largest group are folks over age 55.
  • By and large, people in White Flint 2 earn a bit more than most in Montgomery County.
  • There’s a great deal of vacant office space in White Flint 2. Most of the office space in the White Flint 2 area is located around Executive Blvd and is older and suburban in style. The White Flint 2 office space commands 12% lower rates than the rest of Montgomery County.
  • Retail makes up 25% of the commercial space, and most  of it is located along Route 355. The retail stores of White Flint 2 are four percent of the total Montgomery County retail sales.
  • Industrial space (production, distribution, and repair properties) are mostly located along Randolph, Parklawn, and Boiling Brook.
  • 56% of White Flint 2 space has an impervious surface, and there is an existing tree canopy over 28% of White Flint 2.
The participants broke up into groups to discuss what people want to see in White Flint 2 and to ask questions of Planning staff. After talking for an hour, the groups reported their findings to the larger crowd.  Here is what folks said they want in the White Flint 2 sector.
Increase the capacity of schools, especially middle and high schools. (This was one of the top concerns of the people at this meeting.)
  • There must be better connectivity along roads, sidewalks, and bike paths. (This was one of the top priorities for many in the room)
  • Make sure that the underground infrastructure has the capacity to handle new development and address current capacity issues (water, electric, sewer, etc.)
  • Handicap access is critical, and it should be attractive and flow naturally.
  • The employment sector (the area around Executive Blvd) could be re-created as a wellness sector with gyms, doctors, parks, etc.
  • White Flint 2 must be extremely pedestrian-friendly.
  • Parking should be under and behind buildings.
  • Re-work the Boiling Brook and Randolph Road intersection.
  • Have more amenities, like restaurants, in the employment sector.
  • Build a Marc station at Nicholson Court.
  • Turn Rocking Horse Center into parkland.
  • Have better connections over the railroad tracks
  • Include an 55+ active adult community in White Flint 2.

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King Naldo

Back in June there was supposed to be a hearing about annexing the Twinbrook Metro Station to White Flint -2, since then I haven’t heard what the decision was, if any….

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