Walkable Streets = Safe Streets

Walkable Streets = Safe Streets

Greater Greater Washington said in a piece last week, “downtown Bethesda, Silver Spring, and Rockville are where it’s easiest to walk around in Montgomery County. They are also where drivers are least likely to kill someone on foot.”

A map of ten years of fatal traffic accidents from Metrocosm

A map of ten years of fatal traffic accidents in North Bethesda from Metrocosm

A new interactive map by Metrocosm clearly proves that pedestrian deaths center on high-speed suburban arteries, not the smart urban, walkable streets we want in the Pike District.  According to the GGW article,  “street corners are close together, stores front directly on the sidewalk, and speed limits are reduced.” That is what reduces pedestrians fatalities.

Yet another piece of evidence that supports the vision of a Pike District filled with narrow lanes, slower traffic, and pedestrian-friendly sidewalks and paths.

Amy Ginsburg


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