And the walls came tumbling down…

And the walls came tumbling down…

Enjoy these photos of the demolition of White Flint Mall taken and published by Greater Greater Washington. And here is a link to GGW’s blog post on the Mall.

And here’s a bonus photo from Pike District resident Pam Gates.


Amy Ginsburg




“Enjoy these photos”??!!! What a sick mindset. Certainly do hope everyone enjoys contemplating this wasteful destruction while we all struggle to find a parking space at the vastly overcrowded Montgomery Mall. Can’t wait (how long, 10 years or so?) to walk in the cold from store to store, when for so many years I could park once and comfortably shop in this lovely mall. It didn’t fail, it was systematically destroyed by it’s greedy owner who simply wants to build into the sky. Any of the former retailers would tell you that they were driven out by rents that nobody could pay and still stay in business. Hence the empty stores, the “failure” propaganda, and now this. This area has become so transient that you have found the ears of many who don’t know the real story. But, the story doesn’t matter anyway, does it? Money matters! Thank you, Ted L.

    Amy Ginsburg

    Thanks for writing. The Mall coming down was part of the approved 2010 White Flint Sector Plan as we transform this area into a walkable, thriving, transit-oriented community. I have lived here since the 1960s and have fond memories of White Flint Mall, but the future is the approved 2010 White Flint Sector Plan. You can see the plan at Thanks again for posting.


I took a drive around the mall site this weekend and shot a quick video. It’s really stunning to see it in ruins.–i6LkPgDA

    Amy Ginsburg

    What a wonderful video. I’m going to feature it in my blog post tomorrow. Could you tell me your full name so I can give you credit?

    Thanks, Amy Ginsburg, Executive Director

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