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What should we do with Executive Boulevard?

Posted on by Amy Ginsburg

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The many empty office spaces along Executive Boulevard in White Flint 2 are far from unusual in the DC Metro area. According to this recent article in The Washington Post, re purposing older office buildings is a vexing issue for many areas. In fact,  there are about 71 million square feet of empty office space in the DMV.

The article states, “Some of the vacancies are the result of federal sequestration cuts, which forced government agencies and contractors that occupied older buildings to downsize or shut down. Others are signs of a broad shift by businesses to more modern office space, often near mass transit or other millennial-friendly amenities.

“It’s a nationwide problem,” said Barbara Byron, director of the Office of Revitalization in Fairfax County, which recently formed a committee to figure out how to fill 20 million square feet of vacant office space — an amount three times the size of the Pentagon.”

The White Flint 2 plan will attempt to determine how to revamp Executive Boulevard. What are your ideas for revitalizing the office buildings on Executive Boulevard?

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