What you missed at the White Flint Implementation and Downtown Advisory Committee Meetings

What you missed at the White Flint Implementation and Downtown Advisory Committee Meetings

Mark your calendars! The next Friends of White Flint board/community meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 19th at from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm at the Kennedy Shriver Aquatic Center.

And speaking of meetings, here’s what was discussed at this week’s White Flint Implementation Committee and Downtown Advisory Committee Meetings.

Monday’s White Flint Implementation Committee Meeting

New members of the committee were introduced: Abbie Milstein of Luxmanor, Kristi Smith of JBG Companies, Michael Krathaumer of The Wisconsin, and Jay Corbalis of Federal Realty.

Development Activity: not much going on right now with East Village, Pike and Rose, Saul Centers Phase 1, and Gables Pike District.

MNCPPC is in the midst of drafting the White Flint 2 sector plan. The next public meeting is February 1 at 7:00 pm at Luxmanor Elementary.

Dee Metz reported that SHA has come around in remarkable ways in striving to make the Pike District bike and pedestrian-friendly. They have agreed to ten-foot lane widths, 30 mph speed limits, and 6″ curbs.

Patricia Shepherd of MCDOT presented the plans for the cycle track on Nebel Street. It’s at 90% design and covers Nebel Street from Randolph to Marinelli.  This is a retrofit/interim design that also improves handicapped ramps.

Bruce Johnston of MCDOT presented the proposed design for Hoya Street/Towne Road.  The road features ten-foot driving lanes, 30 mph speed limits, and 6″ curb heights.  The plan features a cycle track, sidewalks for pedestrians, on-street car parking, and cafe seating. MCDOT is working closely with SHA on this project.


Tina Benjamin presented the plans for the Bethesda North Conference Center parking garage.

White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee

Ken Hartman of the Bethesda Chevy Chase Regional Services Center reported there were 110 people at the County Executive’s budget forum. Some of themore popular issues people brought up were overcrowding at Ashburton Elementary and other Walter Johnson district schools and the County liquor authority.  Ken also reported that 85 bags of refuse were recently collected in the Pike District.

Peggy Schwartz of the Transportation Management District reported that they are helping businesses to understand the new transit benefit law which requires parity with parking benefits. She also mentioned that the commuter survey results will be available in a few weeks.

Dee Metz acknowledged the good success the County is having working with DOT and SHA on Pike District roads, like the western workaround and Towne Road.

Ken Hartman said they interviewed a number of good candidates for the position of Downtown Advisory Committee Manager and hope to select someone soon.

Tom Murphy said the communications committee is working on a refresh of the pikedistrict.org website.

Francine Waters asked everyone to put the Fall Fest on their calendars. It will be held on October 8 from 12 noon to 2 pm at Marinelli and Rockville Pike.  A ribbon cutting, live bands, and food trucks will be the highlights of the Fall Fest. Other properties in the Pike District may have their own festivals starting at 2:00 to add to the fun of Fall Fest.

Cliff Cohen reported that the strategic planning committee will start its work by determining what services a potential BID might offer, essentially creating a value proposition before looking at funding.

Brian Downie announced that the committee is hosting a ULI Technical Assistance Panel January 27 and 28 to examine how we start to identify the Pike District, including wayfinding, signage, streetscape, etc.

Amy Ginsburg




Has anyone noticed that the iPic Theatre’s appearance and service is quickly diminishing? I have attended twice in the past 6 months and the corridors are filthy (trash and popcorn on the carpet and floors) and the restrooms are difficult to touch, not to mention use. One would think that the premises have been in use for several years when seeing the lack of cleanliness and service. This was shocking as the month’s following opening were quite impressive.

I am saddened by this due to the theatre being one of the most significant attractions in the Pike and Rose development. I am embarrassed to even refer anyone to the premises. I believe that folks will tend to drift to the Arc at Montgomery Mall.

    Amy Ginsburg

    Thanks for commenting. I’ve passed along your comment to the folks who run Pike and Rose.
    Amy Ginsburg, Executive Director

      E. Weigel

      Glad someone is following up on this. We too have had the same observations, and now drive to ArcLight Bethesda for our movies–and advise friends to do the same, sadly. It was great fun to walk to and from iPic when it first opened–but we now don’t even consider going–with twice the price to boot. We’re hopeful for a turnaround….

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