Friends of White Flint’s #PickthePike Campaign Highlighted in Washington Post Article

Friends of White Flint’s #PickthePike Campaign Highlighted in Washington Post Article

Capital Business in The Washington Post wrote an article yesterday, Bill Marriott on Starwood merger: ‘We’re working on a total organization plan

The article focused mostly on Marriott’s merger with Starwood, creating the largest hotel company in the world. Shareholders of the two companies are scheduled to vote this month on the $12.2 billion deal, which is awaiting approval from regulators.

However, toward the end of the article, Friends of White Flint’s #PickthePike campaign was highlighted

Marriott has hired real estate consultant JLL to locate and review the company’s options. Meanwhile, officials in the District, Maryland and Virginia have begun considering which properties near Metro stations might best interest the company. And it is not just state, city and suburban officials who are competing for the new headquarters.

In Montgomery County, a group of business leaders and residents, the Friends of White Flint, has begun publicly jockeying for the company to relocate to a redeveloping section of Rockville Pike, being branded as the Pike District.

The group purchased a bus advertisement in front of the company’s headquarters, saying “If Marriott picks the PIKE DISTRICT, you’d be eating dinner by now.”

On Thursday, Bill Marriott said the company is considering a number of locations but has not decided whether to remain in Maryland.


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Amy Ginsburg




Not having kept up with this news, I would like a little clarity. I live across the street from the Marriott on Marinelli.

Is this a matter of the hotel moving, and/or is Marriott Corporate offices considering a move to another location in MD or elsewhere? If they are moving out of MD, Friends of White Flint should weigh the options to retain them.

So far the street between Nicholson and Edson is a mess. It’s not suitable for car parking and bike lane. Perhaps in plan at 1/4 scale it was pretty. The Pike’s new commercial development” Rose and Pike” is not at all conducive to drive to and what a name. The development overall is congested in appearance and driving into the little block:cleaners, eyeglass store Starbucks is a disaster for cars. So far too much in a small area.
We miss White Flint Mall and our little post office within.

    Amy Ginsburg

    We are referring to the Marriott headquarters move. The County, State, and community (including Friends of White Flint) are working hard to keep the Marriott headquarters in MoCo, especially the Pike District/White Flint area.

    The Conference Room and Hotel are staying just where they are.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


What is the exact location that Marriot is considering? Is it the area behind the metro stop?
Sara I couldn’t agree more about how horrid the new development is. I’m a block over from you most likely. The bike lanes are a mess and make it more dangerous for everyone to get around. The development is too messy, small, not accessible to cars, and has resulted in traffic nightmares. The mall was great; you could buy what you needed inside a clean, quiet, climate controlled location. At this point I just ignore everything around my house, except for L&T, and I drive to stores that are like what we had before.

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