How do ride-sharing and bike-sharing affect transit?

How do ride-sharing and bike-sharing affect transit?

New urban mobility options — ride-hailing, car-sharing, and bicycle-sharing — are changing the way people get around cities.  In a new study, reported on The Transit Wire, researchers learned that these shared services complemented public transportation, reduced auto ownership, and lowered overall transportation costs.

The study had four key findings:

  • The more people use shared modes, the more likely they are to use public transit, own fewer cars, and spend less on transportation overall.
  • Shared modes complement public transit, enhancing urban mobility.
  • Shared modes will continue to grow in significance, and public entities should identify opportunities to engage with them to ensure that benefits are widely and equitably shared.
  • The public sector and private operators are eager to collaborate to improve paratransit service using emerging approaches and technology.

The research showed that people who use public transit and these shared services  make lifestyle changes that results in more walking, less driving, and greater household savings because of overall lower transportation costs.

Amy Ginsburg


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