The Hungry Girl at Pallas Apartments Thursday evening

The Hungry Girl at Pallas Apartments Thursday evening

Lisa Lillien aka The Hungry Girl, a food author and People Magazine columnist will be signing copies of her new book, “Hungry Girl Clean & Hungry” this Thursday, April 7 at Pallas Apartments at Pike & Rose 15779fc4-8397-4c2c-8bfb-c6949c29f4de_300_300Lisa has curated her personal “Hungry Girl Guide to Pike & Rose.”  Below are some favorites.

&pizza – I love a good salad, and the Grecian Market looks amazing: Just request they go easy on the feta, and order the dressing on the side. (Then dip, don’t pour!) Need pizza? Go the “Craft Your Own” route: Ancient Grains crust, Classic Tomato sauce, Fresh Mozzarella (ask for less cheese… or no cheese, if you dare!), and lots of fresh veggies.

Chipotle – My pick here is a salad with chicken, fajita veggies, tomatillo-green chili salsa (a great dressing swap), and black beans. Only 345 calories — there’s a great nutritional calculator on the website!

City Perch – I’d get the Grilled Yellowfin Tuna. YUM. Feel like indulging? Get a Shellfish Tower to share!

Del Frisco’s Grille – My top pick here is the 8-oz. Filet Mignon. (See if they’ll give you Roasted Asparagus instead of the sides that are listed!)

Carluccio’s – I love that they serve Zuppa Di Pesce — a.k.a. fish stew. I’d get that, for sure!

La Madeleine – It’s great that the nutritional info is provided online. Go for the Chicken la Madeleine with Rice Provencal and Steamed Broccoli (580 calories). To save calories and carbs, ask for double broccoli instead of rice.

Roti Mediterranean Grill – Check out the website’s mix-n-match nutritional calculator: so helpful! I’d get the Chicken Kabob with the Dill, Yogurt & Cucumber Sauce, Fresh Vegetables, and Red Cabbage Slaw (230 calories).

ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen – Another restaurant with a great nutritional calculator online! I’d order the Salad with Grilled Chicken Satay, Butternut Squash & Thai Basil, Tamarind Vinaigrette, and Pickled Veggies (320 calories).

Stella Barra Pizzeria – The Heirloom Spinach & Purple Kale salad sounds SO good. I’d get the dressing on the side, and just use a little. (The salad has dates, which have a lot of flavor!) If I were to get pizza here, I’d order the Rossa on Thin Sin crust.

Summer House – Fantastic seafood options here! Both the Grilled Faroe Island Salmon and Bigeye Tuna Steak caught my eye.

Tutti Frutti – Who doesn’t love fro yo? I’d get the Plain Tart flavor (30 calories per ounce) with loads of fresh fruit.

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