What Happened at Last Night’s White Flint 2 Schools Meeting

What Happened at Last Night’s White Flint 2 Schools Meeting

Did you wake up this morning with the thought, “Hmm. I wonder what happened at the White Flint 2 Schools meeting last night. Oh, I know. I’ll check the Friends of White Flint blog. They always post terrific meeting summaries.” And now you’re on this page, wondering where the heck is the summary.

I’m waiting for the Planning Department to post slides and links from the meeting before blogging, and they promised to put the slides on their website some time today.

But heck, you did go to all the trouble to visit us, so here’s a tidbit to whet your appetite for the full blog later today.

Altogether, with the maximum build-out at White Flint 2 and Rock Spring, there will be an additional 420 elementary school students, 180 middle school students, and 225, high school students in the WJ cluster. (That’s in addition to the students that will be generated by the White Flint 1 development.)

Check back late this afternoon, though hopefully earlier, for a detailed report on last night’s meeting.

Amy Ginsburg


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