Welcome to Friends of White Flint, The Detwiler Group

Welcome to Friends of White Flint, The Detwiler Group

Please meet our newest member, Andy Detwieler, Founder of The Detweiler Group at RE/MAX Town Center.

If you’ve ever gone through the process of buying, selling, or renting a condo in North Bethesda, local realtor and entrepreneur Andy Detweiler believes you’ve likely wasted a lot of unnecessary time. Andy has spent the greater part of a year meticulously researching, planning, and building rockvillemdcondos.com, which he describes as the most comprehensive, yet simple, real estate resource of its kind.

He believes online resources provide enormous value to the consumer. The problem, he says, comes when it’s time to connect online research with real-life action. “When I entered the world of real estate, two things became immediately clear: 1) The immense value of a full-time, professional real estate agent, and, 2) The insane amount of inefficiencies in the entire buying/selling process. Right now, the consumer has two options: 1) Wade through poorly organized national listing portals that lack context and completeness; or, 2) Find a true neighborhood expert and hope he or she is willing to talk. To date, there’s been no successful attempt at combining the two.”

Andy added, “Unfortunately, all is takes to be a listed ‘expert’ on many sites is the willingness to pay for an ad while the true neighborhood expert often doesn’t have a clue how to get found online. That’s a major problem. And honestly, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

In addition to his personal proximity to the area, Andy chose to pursue the condo market because of how it lends itself to online marketing. ”People tend to ask and search for answers to many of the same questions. There’s also a definitive number of buildings to choose from. It’s not too big to address.”

While he acknowledges he has an uphill climb ahead of him, Andy believes he can succeed where many others have failed before him. “It’s really a perfect storm right now with the internet changing how people buy and sell real estate. But most of the efforts to capitalize have been made on the national level. Real estate is supremely localized. We’re going to focus all of our efforts on systematizing and removing inefficiencies from a modest-sized niche market. If it leads to a different business model or we create something that can be replicated elsewhere, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”

If you have any questions on the North Bethesda condo market, real-estate related or otherwise, Andy Detweiler can be reached at 240-338- 8355 (direct), 301-637- 9762 (office), or andy@thedetweilergroup.com.

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