Curious about Monday’s White Flint 2 Meeting? Here’s What Happened.

Curious about Monday’s White Flint 2 Meeting? Here’s What Happened.

The June 20th White Flint 2 Sector Planning Meeting was a public forum.  Three community representatives made presentations.

Randolph Civic Association – Matt Tifford

Randolph Civic Association is made up of 1, 343 homes and wants a more central sense of place within RCA borders. While mostly happy with the preliminary plan presented, RCA has some important issues with the plan.  For example, RCA wants walkable/bikeable paths to White Flint 1 and metro, including a pedestrian crossing over the railroad tracks.  They also want to re-configure the intersection at Randolph and Parklawn. So far, RCA noted, none of its desired pedestrian and connectivity improvements are in the plan.

Matt also reported that RCA does not want Putnam and Macon to go through, preferring an urban plaza, and wants a park and usable indoor space at Rocking Horse Center.  They also would like a town center type of development at Randolph Hills Shopping Center.


Walter Johnson Cluster – Liz King

Liz discussed the cumulative projected impact of development in the WJ Cluster. Combining all approved development (built or not) and the planned development of WMAL, Rock Spring, and White Flint 2, it s projected the WJ Cluster will have 1,602 additional elementary students, 915 additional middle school students, and 940 additional high school students. Liz reported that using the 30-year projections done by MCPS, the WJ Cluster requires 2 new elementary schools, 1 new middle school, and one of the WJ Cluster Roundtable Solutions.

Liz King

6010 Executive Blvd. – John Carter

This site at 6010 Executive Blvd. has 234,788 square feet of land.  Currently, there is one building with 100,126 square feet of office space built in the 60s/70s. John listed three concerns of the site’s owner: schools, traffic, and market conditions.  He noted that the current market demands multi-tenant  occupancy, mix of tech and office space, amenities, walkability, close to transit, and green. He also referenced the recent ULI report on re-inventing the Rock Spring and Executive Blvd areas.

The initial design for a new 6010 Executive Blvd includes 3 mixed-use buildings, including 252,000 square feet of new office space, street-side retail, and 100 housing units. There would be lots of green places and open space as well as an enhanced sidewalk along Executive Blvd., new bus shelters, pedestrian-oriented lights, walking trail connections, solar panels, geothermal heating and cooling, and green roofs. Total square footage of the new and old buildings on the site would be 350,000 square feet of mixed use space.

6010 a

6010 b

Amy Ginsburg


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