What you missed at yesterday’s White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee Meeting

What you missed at yesterday’s White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee Meeting

Here’s a summary of what was discussed at Tuesday’s White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee Meeting.

Ken Hartman thanked Bethesda North Marriott for refurbishing the northwest corner of Rockville Pike and Marinelli Road, adding mulch and walking paths. He also noted that the county is devoting considerable resources and has made noticeable progress making the Pike District more walkable and bikeable.

The Committee discussed the proposed Metro service reductions and the letter being developed by Friends of White Flint opposing those reductions. The White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee will sign the letter and send their own letter to WMATA and elected officials opposing these service reductions.

Dee Metz announced that construction is beginning this week on the Western Workaround.  She also reminded everyone that the county received a grant for four bikeshare stations.  The stations will be operational in 2018 at the following locations: Woodglen and Executive Boulevard, Old Georgetown Road and Rockville Pike, Citadel and McGrath, and White Flint metro.  Future bikeshare stations are planned for the following locations: Lerner property, Gables, East Village, North Bethesda 2, and Saul Centers West.

Peggy Schwartz noted that businesses are installing extra bike racks due to the increased demand as more people bike around the Pike District.

Nkosi Yearwood said the White Flint 2 plan will be presented to the Planning Board tomorrow afternoon, and there will be a public hearing on the White Flint 2 Plan on December 15 at 7:30 pm.

Cliff Cohen reported that BID legislation will be sent to the state delegation.  This legislation changes the percentage of people and entities that must agree to a BID to 51%.  The strategic planning committee is holding focus groups over the next week with property owners, residents, and businesses to learn what services the community might like a BID to provide.






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