Would you like to serve on the Friends of White Flint Board of Directors?

Would you like to serve on the Friends of White Flint Board of Directors?

Friends of White Flint is governed by a volunteer board of directors composed of 18 members of the community. There are six resident members, six business members, and six property owner/developer members. The board meets a few times a year and is involved in policy decisions all year long, generally through phone calls and emails.

It’s time to submit your nomination to serve on the Friends of White Flint board of directors.  There are two board members whose terms have expired (one business and one property owner member) though they may submit their names to be re-elected, as well as one vacant business member spot and one vacant resident member spot.  We are seeking nominations for one resident member, two business members, and one property owner member.

Here is the board nomination form which should be emailed to info@whiteflint.org by Wednesday, November 23rd.

2016 Board Nomination Form

Please write legibly. All statements will be made available to the public.





Class (circle the correct category):   Resident     Business     Property Owner

By my signature below, I certify the following: I wish to be nominated for this position, I understand my responsibilities as a Director, including full participation in Friends of White Flint governance activities throughout my term in office, and I will fulfill those responsibilities.  I am (or represent) a member in good standing and will maintain that good standing throughout my term in office.  I understand that nomination does not guarantee placement on the ballot of election to the Board, and that all Board election decisions of the Friends of White Flint are discretionary and final.

Signature of Nominee:                                                                     Date:

Please submit a brief statement of qualifications and interests, including your prior participation in FOWF and the White Flint Sector development process. Forms must be sent to info@whiteflint.org by November 23, 2016.

Amy Ginsburg


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