Will there be housing for all income levels near transit?

Will there be housing for all income levels near transit?

You might want to read this interesting article in The Washington Post about the intersection of suburbs, transit, and affordable housing. The article discusses how to prevent the benefits of transit-oriented living from going primarily to the well-to-do — and pricing out the very people it’s most intended to serve, lower income folks.  Quick aside, I (Amy Ginsburg, Executive Director) disagree with their premise that transit is not for higher-income people. But ensuring transit it close to affordable housing as well as luxury housing is an important concern.

The Post article says, “The issue, which some experts call “transit-induced gentrification,” is gaining new attention in Montgomery and other once auto-centric suburbs building light-rail and rapid bus lines to revitalize older areas, attract younger workers, and help an increasing number of lower-income residents reach jobs. Focusing growth around transit stations has become the way many inner suburbs plan to thrive without adding to the sprawl that has left them drowning in traffic.”

“Suburban transit-oriented living, in high demand from millennials and empty-nest baby boomers looking to downsize, is in such short supply that it commands premium prices — and can encourage property owners to cash in by selling, redeveloping or raising rents,” said The Washington Post story.

You can read the whole article by clicking here.


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