What you missed at yesterday’s White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee Meeting

What you missed at yesterday’s White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee Meeting

Here’s a summary of what was discussed at Tuesday’s White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee.  Meetings are held the second Tuesday of every month at 8 am at the offices of Snyder Cohn.

BID Legislation

The White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee testified to the Montgomery County state delegation in favor of legislation to change the minimum vote required to create a Business Improvement District to 51%.  (It is currently 80%.) The White Flint Partnership also sent a letter in support of this legislation.  Next, the Montgomery Delegation Economic Development Committee will review the legislation  and then it will be sent to the General Assembly.  The Downtown Advisory Committee will have two more opportunities to testify.

Focus Groups

The Downtown Advisory Committee finished holding three focus groups to learn what functions people might want a Business Improvement District to handle. The three groups were residents, businesses, and property owners.  The final report from the focus groups will be published in January and shared at the January meeting.


Ken Hartman said that the weekend crews have been collecting leaves.

Dee Metz reported that the Western Workaround construction of the garage and street is ongoing. Residents can keep abreast of the work at www.pikedistrict.org.  She also noted that the North Bethesda Marriott Hotel and Conference Center is doing a terrific job dealing with the parking issues during construction.

Dee Metz shared that meters and parking signs are currently being installed on Chapman Avenue which should alleviate the recent parking issues.

Nkosi Yearwood said the White Flint 2 Public Hearing will be on January 12.  The Planning Department is also working on the Grosvenor Strathmore Minor Master Plan.

Fall Fest will be held again in 2017.  The Committee drew the winning names for the Strathmore and Marriott prizes at Fall Fest.







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