Notes & Slides from the Executive Boulevard White Flint 2 Worksession

Notes & Slides from the Executive Boulevard White Flint 2 Worksession

During a nearly two-hour worksession yesterday at the Planning Board, Executive Boulevard was the center of attention. The staff presentation was actually a fairly good explanation of what is proposed for Executive Boulevard in the White Flint 2 sector plan. Below you’ll find a few slides that I found particularly illuminating.


There was considerable discussion about the trade-offs between density/height and providing land for a school.

After the Planning Staff presented their data and plans, a number of property owners spoke. Some of the issues they brought up included:

Requesting 200′ height on the Guardian Property so they can create a signature building at the gateway to Excecutive Boulevard.

Many property owners wanted increased density and wanted the Commercial FAR and Residential FAR to be increased so builders have the flexibility to create space that meets the needs of the market

Some property owners mentioned that the proposed 200′ buffer around Neilwood Creek was much larger than anywhere else in the County

6120 and 6130 Executive Boulevard owned by Monument would like a CR or CRT 1.0 zone rather than an EOF zone so it can develop its property and include bike/pedestrian paths to the Luxmanor neighborhood and Montrose Parkway as well as a vehicle entrance to Green Acres school.

Amy Ginsburg


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Deborah Talley

There is something a little closed off about the two streets that presently enter the Pike & Rose district. My Spanish grandson, an architecture student in Barcelona, said : ” The neighborhood looks ‘virtual’ instead of ‘organic.’ Maybe when the whole concept comes together, the area will be more inviting. Thanks for all the work.

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