In honor of Valentine’s Day …

In honor of Valentine’s Day …

Things I love about the Pike District/White Flint area. (Ok, ok. I got caught up in sappy fun of Valentine’s Day.)

The new bike lanes and the Trolley Trail that allow me to ride around the area without fear of getting smushed.

The Walter Johnson cluster — my kids received terrific educations, and I managed to eke out some useful knowledge when it was called the Woodward cluster.

All the delicious dining options — old favorites like Ize’s Bagels, the nearly-new restaurants at North Bethesda Market, and the brand spanking new ones at Pike and Rose.

Music, music, music — outdoor concerts at North Bethesda Market, entertainers at AMP at Pike and Rose, and nationally-known performers at Strathmore.

Places to get pretty and buy pretty things.

An energy you can feel that previews the extraordinary things yet to come to our beloved community.

Amy Ginsburg, Executive Director

Amy Ginsburg


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