Why the Death of the ‘Burbs is Great for the Pike District

Why the Death of the ‘Burbs is Great for the Pike District

The suburbs as we’ve known them ever since Lucy and Ricky moved to the country are dying. And that means great success for the Pike District.

You don’t need to a Ph.D in economics to know that our reliance on e-commerce has resulted in the closing a wide variety  of bricks and mortar stores. And where are most of those stores? In strip malls and “real” malls in the good ‘ole suburbs.

Town centers — whether organic or developer created — are blurring the old lines between urban and suburban. It’s not just people who live on Capitol Hill who want to be able to walk to fabulous restaurants and the farmers market. More and more, it’s what those of us the suburbs want as well.

Studies have shown that millennials and down-sizing boomers prefer to spend their dollars buying convenience and amenities rather than McMansions and space, whether they live downtown or in further out locations.

Essentially, what many people of all ages and stages desire is exactly what we’re creating in the Pike District.

Business Insider authored a fascinating series called the Death of Suburbia that should be required reading for those curious about the current transformation of the White Flint area into a vibrant community where we can enjoy the terrific ‘urban lite’ lifestyle.

Amy Ginsburg


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