Upcoming White Flint Meetings

Upcoming White Flint Meetings

The next White Flint 2 Worksession  will be tomorrow, March 9 in the afternoon.  They will be covering land use and zoning issues for the east side of the plan area. Read the staff document for this worksession to educate yourself on the issues.

The White Flint Implementation Committee will meet on Monday, March 13, 7 p.m., at Wall Local Park/Kennedy Shriver Aquatic Center. Below is the agenda for the evening.

I.   Introductions

II. Updates

a. White Flint Development Activity

b. Other North Bethesda Plans

III. Biennial Monitoring Report

IV. White Flint Downtown Committee (Brian Downie/Francine Waters)

V. White Flint Implementation Coordinator Report (Dee Metz)

VI. White Flint 2 Sector Plan

VII. Other topics

In other White Flint development news, the Gables White Flint Site Plan amendment that the Implementation Committee reviewed last year is going to the Planning Board on Thursday. Read the Planning Staff report.



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