What you missed at last night’s Implementation Committee meeting

What you missed at last night’s Implementation Committee meeting

Last night, the White Flint Implementation Committee met, and if you weren’t able to attend, here’s what was discussed.

Pre-Release Center. On Nebel Street is the Pre-Release Center which provides evidence-based transitional services to 143 soon-to-be released sentenced and incarcerated adults from the county’s two detention centers, and from state and federal prisons who are returning to Montgomery County and the larger Washington metropolitan area.  It was built in the 1970s, and they are proposing a 3,000 square foot addition in the back of building, an extension of the parking lot, and two trailers for classes.  They will be updating the inadequate kitchen and including storm water management under the parking lot.  This project is state funded, and construction will begin in July or August 2017. Mandatory referral will be filed with Park and Planning shortly.

Mandatory Referral. Nkosi Yearwood helpfully defined mandatory referral. All public agencies must submit to the board for review and recommendation if they’re selling land or making changes on their property. The planning board’s suggestions are advisory only and not binding, although forest conservation plans are binding.

Development Update. The Gables amendment which was presented to the Implementation Committee last year was approved by the planning board. There are no other new applications.

Downtown Advisory Committee Update. They are working on recommendations to submit to the council and executive regarding the feasibility of forming a Business Improvement District or BID in the Pike District. They are also planning for the second annual Fall Fest.

Dee Metz Updates. The first phases of construction on the Western Workaround and the conference center garage are on target. They had to did out huge underground vaults, and they’ve done lots of storm water management.  Pictures of the construction can be found on Twitter under the #whiteflintwest hashtag. They’ve almost finished plans for phase 2 of the Western Workaround which includes the reconfigured intersection of Hoya/Old Georgetown/Executive. The phase 2 plans then go to SHA for approval, and construction on phase 2 should begin in late 2017.  MCDOT is also working on creating separated bike lanes on Marinelli between Nebel and Executive. The Wall Park/Gables Garage and the new Wall Park supplemental request for funding will probably be heard in May.

Next Implementation Committee Meeting.  The next meeting will be on April 17th (the third Monday of the month, not the second) and will focus on the Pepco Substation.




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