Here’s what the WFDAC discussed at its June meeting

Here’s what the WFDAC discussed at its June meeting

Ken Hartman reported that crews are maintaining the flower and landscaping in the medians, and weekend crews are picking up trash and cleaning up the area

Peggy Schwartz reported that 246 people registered for Bike to Work Day, a record number. The final Safe Track surge takes place June 17 to 25 and will close the Shady Grove, Rockville, and Twinbrook metro stations.

Francine Waters  said that Fall Fest will be held October 14 from 2pm to 5pm.  It will feature the Sweet Taste of Fall — sweet treats from various restaurants.  It will also have beer and and wine this year.

Nkosi Yearwood said that White Flint 2 work sessions should be wrapping up next week before proceeding to the County Council.  He also said that LCOR will be presenting their new North Bethesda Center residential  building at the Implementation Committee next month.  He said he would investigate whether pedestrians will be able to cross from Market Street to Old Georgetown Road when the first phase of the Western Workaround is completed.

The Strategic Planning committee said that a consultant, Civitas, is interviewing stakeholders and talking to them about a potential Business Improvement District. They are talking with stakeholders about branding the area, wayfinding, signage, marketing, clean and safe, events, and public art.

The next WFDAC meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 11 at 8am at Snyder Cohen.

Amy Ginsburg


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