What happened at last week’s White Flint 2 Work Session at the Planning Board

What happened at last week’s White Flint 2 Work Session at the Planning Board

We’re so close to the finish line, folks. There’s probably only one more White Flint 2 work session which will be held on July 13th and will feature the complete mark up of the original draft White Flint 2 plan.

At last week’s work session, Nkosi Yearwood presented some of the mark up, summarizing the changes the board had approved during this six month process.

The longest and most passionate discussion was over staging.  Some on the board thought it wasn’t a good idea to include staging requirements that the county can’t control, like a MARC train station.  On the other hand, if there aren’t hard stops and triggers, how does one manage the balance of new development, traffic, infrastructure and schools?

Chairman Casey Anderson suggested that if the NADMS goals,  or non-auto driver mode share goals, are met, we move forward.  If they’re not met, then infrastructure improvements like a second metro entrance, BRT, a MARC station, and a circulator/shuttle, must be funded for development to proceed.  Casey also brought up the point that the White Flint 1 hardstops should be the same as White Flint 2 so White Flint 2 development doesn’t leapfrog over White Flint 1 development.

Here are other changes reflected in the redline of the original draft plan, many of which Friends of White Flint advocated for, like the CSX crossing and NADMS goals. You can read the planning staff memo that includes more detail here.

The north and west areas of White Flint 2 (basically Executive Boulevard and the Route 355 shopping centers) will have the same NADMS goals as White Flint 1. The east side of White Flint 2 will have lower NADMS goals than originally recommended.

Those same north and west areas will be part of the White Flint 1 taxing district while the east area will not.

Parking should be underground but it no longer says ‘must’ be below-grade.

A new pedestrian/bike crossing over the CSX tracks is now included.

The narrow tree area between the Cherrington townhouses and Montrose Parkway can now be developed.



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