Woodward High School Reopening Study Group Presentation

Woodward High School Reopening Study Group Presentation

Curious about the re-opening of Woodward High School? Want to learn more about what MCPS is considering for Woodward?  Then scroll through their presentation from a May 31, 2017 meeting of the Woodward High School Reopening and Nontraditional Facilities Study Group.

Below are a few highlights from the presentation.


The earliest Woodward HS reopening would be September 2022. Tilden MS will move to new location in September 2020, and construction takes at least two years for a new high school. No boundary changes would occur prior to this time, although there would be a boundary study 18 months prior to opening. Current Grade 5 students could possibly be impacted.

Options for Populating the School 

1. Conduct boundary study to reassign students to Woodward High School

2. Eliminate existing Downcounty Consortium and create boundary-based assignments with Woodward High School

3. Conduct countywide boundary study with all high schools including Woodward High School

4. Create a centralized magnet school that would attract students from across the county. (A special program would be developed to attract students)

5. Application process or audition process (such as performing arts)

6. Include Woodward HS in the existing Downcounty Consortium

7. Create a new consortium that includes Woodward HS . Geographic assignment plan study would occur approximately 18 months prior to opening of Woodward HS. High schools that would be included in the study would be identified when the study is initiated

8. Use a general lottery

9. Use a weighted lottery

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