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Gassing up the time machine for another drive down Rockville Pike

Posted on by Amy Ginsburg

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Ready for a trip down memory lane?  Read this Washington Post article by John Kelly.

Too busy to click through to the article?  Here are a few highlights:

Many readers chimed in after my column last week on Pike & Rose, the town center development that replaced Mid-Pike Plaza. Several pointed out that, even earlier, that patch of real estate was the home of E.J. Korvette, a department store that also had a location in Baileys Crossroads, Va. (Note from FoWF: Executive Director Amy Ginsburg remembers spending her allowance there as well as doing donuts in her ’66 Ford Galaxy in the Korvette’s parking lot during a snowstorm.)

Pike & Rose is on the other side of the Pike from the White Flint Metro station. That station, said Jim Hartnett of Kensington, Md., was built on land that was a golf driving range and an executive nine-hole golf course.

Wrote Jim: “You might also be interested to know that before White Flint Mall was built, that site was occupied by a place called the G. E. M. store, which stood for ‘Government Employee’s Mart.’ It was a membership department store that required you to be a government employee to shop there.”  (Note from FoWF:  G.E.M was actually located where the current Shoppers Food Warehouse/White Flint plaza is.  In fact, Amy Ginsburg, FoWF’s executive director,  has fond memories of shopping there when she was a young girl.)



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