What are your thoughts on the White Flint 2 Plan?

What are your thoughts on the White Flint 2 Plan?

The Planning Board has released the approved draft of the White Flint 2 Sector Plan The next stage of review takes place at the County Council. The Council’s Public Hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, September 19.at 7:30 pm.

This plan incorporates most of the changes Friends of White Flint advocated, such as a pedestrian and bike crossing over the CSX tracks and identical NADMS goals for White Flint 1 and the Executive Boulevard area of the White Flint 2 sector.

As for what’s new in this approved plan, many of the height and densities on Executive Boulevard were changed in the approved plan. You can read about this on pages 32 to 35 of the plan.

Starting on page 96 of the plan, you can read more about the contentious and complex issue of school capacity.  The WJ Cluster representatives would prefer dedicated sites in the plan.  The planning board decided to state the need for a new elementary and middle school but not choose a particular site for either.

The other much-discussed issue during the months of hearings is the staging and implementation of the plan.  You can read what the planning board approved in terms of staging in table 5 on page 105 of the plan.

We need to know what you think of the White Flint 2 Sector Plan so we can formulate our official County Council testimony on the plan. Please email your comments to the Friends of White Flint board of directors — tell us what you like and what you wish was different in the plan. Your input is critical and much appreciated. Send your feedback to info@whiteflint.org.

Amy Ginsburg


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