BRT on Route 355 — Alternative Routes and Stops

BRT on Route 355 — Alternative Routes and Stops

You’ve been hearing about Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) for years and wonder when the heck it will happen. No worries: the folks at MCDOT have been busy working on this large project.  Below you’ll see some select boards from their recent Route 355 open house that contain lots of information on alternative routes, headways, and stations. You can see all the boards by clicking here.  Friends of White Flint will also host a special presentation on Route 355 BRT in May or June.

As you can see, there are numerous stops suggested for the White Flint area: Hubbard Drive, White Flint metro, Security Lane, and Grosvenor metro.

There are three possible routes for the Route 355 BRT corridor, Alternative A, B, and C. Basically the differences center on where the bus drives: in mixed traffic, in one or two BRT-only lanes in the median, or in BRT lanes along the curb.



The proposed headways in the White Flint area are buses are 7.5 minute north of Security Lane and 15 minutes south of Security Lane during peak service.

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