Bicycle Master Plan Public Hearing February 15

Bicycle Master Plan Public Hearing February 15

On January 25, 2018, the Planning Board conducted a public hearing on the Bicycle Master Plan Public Hearing Draft and received testimony from more than 270 people.
The next step is for the Planning Board to review the testimony they received and to consider changes in the plan based on those comments. Over the next 2+ months, the Planning Board will conduct work sessions are held at the Planning Department auditorium (8787 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD) which are open to the public. Consult the Planning Board’s agenda for more details.
Their first work session with the Planning Board will be held on February 15th and will cover these items:
  • Issue 1: Four Types of Transportation Cyclists
  • Issue 2: The Bicycle Master Plan Marginalizes “Moderate-Stress” Bicycling
  • Issue 3: Conventional Bike Lanes and Bikeable Shoulders are Better for Moderate-Stress Bicyclists
  • Issue 4: Breezeway Network
  • Issue 5: Two-Way Bikeways on Both Sides of the Street
  • Issue 6: Provide Equal Access to Low-Stress Bicycling for All Members of the Community (Goal 3)
  • Issue 7: Connectivity to Schools, Libraries and Recreation Centers.
The staff report, public testimony and responses to public testimony are available here.
The second work session on February 22nd is anticipated to include these issues:
  • Protected Intersections
  • Breezeway Network Attributes
  • Development Impact Taxes
  • Use of Developer Contributions
  • Bicycle Parking
  • School Policies
  • Bikeway Prioritization
  • Loading Zones
The March 1st work session is anticipated to address any remaining non-bikeway issues.
Future work sessions after March 1st will review comments on specific bikeway recommendations.

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