Our Questions for the Candidates

Our Questions for the Candidates

Please find below the questionnaire we sent to at large candidates and county executive candidates. We thank you for the dozens of suggestions many of you made concerning which questions we should ask.

We ask you to complete the attached brief questionnaire so that the people who live, work, play … and vote … in the White Flint area can choose their candidates with knowledge and care.

Please limit your answers to just one paragraph or no more than 175 words. We realize there are many facets and nuances to these questions but in order for people to thoughtfully read the answers from more than thirty candidates, we must ask you to write concisely.

We will publish the candidate responses at our District One Candidates Forum on April 12 as well as on our blog and in our e-newsletter.

  1. What is your one-minute pitch to Amazon to locate their second headquarters in the White Flint area? Or if you don’t believe Amazon should locate their headquarters here, why not?
  1. What are your top three infrastructure projects for the White Flint area and how would you fund and implement those projects?
  1. How would you create a sense of place, also known as placemaking, in the Pike District/White Flint area?
  1. Do you believe that alcohol sales should be privatized or continue to be managed by the county government and why? How does your decision affect the White Flint area?
  1. How do you prioritize your responsibility to be a booster for White Flint’s economic future? What do you see as your top three responsibilities to ensure the economic vitality of the Pike District/White Flint area?
  1. What do you think we ought to do about the increasing levels of debt the county holds? How do you balance debt against the needs of the county? How does our AAA bond rating factor in your thinking?

Amy Ginsburg


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