Take the survey – tell the Planning Department what you think Randolph Hills placemaking should include

Take the survey – tell the Planning Department what you think Randolph Hills placemaking should include

Better Block will be on the ground in Randolph Hills through October 2018 as part of an engagement and master planning effort with Montgomery County Planning Department. We’re working to bring your ideas to life and make a more walkable, vibrant place to live and work. Please fill out the survey below and share with anyone else you think may be interested!

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Amy Ginsburg




It would be nice to have better restaurant choices. A Starbucks would be great as well. The plaza needs a major facelift to become a beautiful destination instead of looking so run down and drab.

Dean Evangelista

My hope for the shopping center is that it will someday resemble a village, in the same way as does Kentlands. The height should be restricted to 2 or 3 stories and it should be mixed use, retail/residential. I would also like to see the streets reconfigured to eliminate the confusion of the Rocking Horse/Boiling Brook intersection.


I think it would be great to have a community playhouse. Residents could audition for shows, socialize in creative ways, watch theatre and perform, listen to concerts. There is certainly a lot of musical and artistic talent here in the neighborhood!


I’ve lived in Randolph Hills for many years and can say with certainty that the traffic on Rocking Horse Rd has become horrendous, especially in the mornings between 7AM – 9AM. Some of this is caused by parents dropping off their children at Charles Smith school, but a significant portion is due to cut through traffic to/from Randolph Rd.
Another aggravating issue is the flagrant disregard of the weight/size limits by theheavy trucks that travel on Rocking Horse. The weight limit is no greater than 1/2 ton vehicles, yet I see 18 wheelers driving on the road! The road can’t handle those behemoths!
Can’t help but getting irritated by these things.

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