Bike lanes 1

Amy Ginsburg




Looks great!
Maybe someday , they will connect to Executive Blvd’s bike lanes.

Kristen Doherty

Hello I am Kristen Doherty tenant of Strathmore Court at White Flint. Putting a median along Marinelli would not be good the residents cannot access the front of our building and access to Citadel Ave to get to our parking garage. Putting bike lanes on Marinelli Road would not give enough room for resident drop off area and deliveries to our property. The 4 way stop at citadel would be dangerous for non drivers and people who bike because of other businesses and other residential buildings and buses drive up and down citadel ave. There are geese that are walk and fly on Marinelli Road because they walk across the street and would block cars and bikes and non drivers. Please consider contacting the residents at Strathmore Court as well as management before implementing these project. Thank you. Kristen Doherty, Resident of strathmore court at white flint.

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