White Flint Implementation Committee Update

White Flint Implementation Committee Update

 From Nkosi Yearwood at the Montgomery Planning Department:

The White Flint Implementation Committee will not meet in July.

The Committee typically does not meet in August unless there is an important project or issue to discuss.

The Planning Board will review two White Flint projects on July 19:

The Pepco substation at the intersection of Marinelli Road and Nebel Street.

A new self-storage facility on Nicholson Court.

Conference Center Garage

Conference Center Garage – 2nd Phase to begin in 30-60 days to build an enclosed bridge from the garage directly into the Ballroom level of the Conference Center.  This should be completed in 6-9 months.

Western Workaround

Phase 1B, which will complete the work along Executive Blvd between the Conference Center and Nicholson Lane is about to start, as soon as final dedications and easements are completed.  Utility relocation has already begun.

Phase 2, which includes relocating the intersection of Old Georgetown Rd, Executive Blvd, and Towne Road is about to start and will be built in stages over a 2-3 year period.  The contract is being finalized with Korman Construction, and as a part of the contract, Korman will be recommending the phasing and maintenance of traffic.  Most of what you will see in the near future will be utility relocation.

On-street parking at Pike & Rose

An agreement has been made between the County and Federal Realty for the County Parking Division to install and monitor on-street parking at Pike & Rose.  Ten Pay & Display pay stations were just installed and meters will be active from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.Monday thru Saturday at $2 per hour.  Everyone felt that the pay stations were more pedestrian and bike friendly than parking meters.

Separated Bike Lanes

Marinelli Road Separated Bike Lanes from Nebel Street to Rockville Pike have been designed and will be installed in either the Fall or next Spring, depending upon coordination with the road re-surfacing project.

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