Join Us! Pike District Promenade, Sat., July 21, 10 am

Join Us! Pike District Promenade, Sat., July 21, 10 am

The White Flint/Pike District area is filled with lots of interesting, caring people of all ages from babies to millenials to seniors. We thought it would be great to create an easy, fun way for us to meet one another and build community, so we will be holding a Pike District Promenade the third Saturday of every month at 10 am, starting at the plaza at North Bethesda Market.

What is a Pike District Promenade? It’s a simple stroll along the Bethesda Trolley Trail.  Go as far as you’d like and as fast as you’d like. Make some new friends and reconnect with old one..Get some exercise and breathe some fresh air among the trees.

The first Pike District Promenade will be held Saturday, July 21st at 10 am.  We will meet at the North Bethesda Market plaza by the water feature in between Seasons 52/CVS/Starbucks. North Bethesda Market is the development between Woodglen and Rockville Pike where Whole Foods is located. You can park two hours for free in the North Bethesda Market restaurant/retail garage. The entrance to that garage is off of Marketplace Lane. There is also free parking on the surface lot across from Quincy’s at the corner of Woodglen and Nicholson. Or better yet, bike or walk to the NoBe Market.

We will host a Pike District Promenade every month so even if it’s cancelled due to rain, you can come on the next one.

If you have questions, please email

Amy Ginsburg


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