White Flint Implementation Committee Meeting August 13

White Flint Implementation Committee Meeting August 13

From Nkosi Yearwood, White Flint Implementation Committee:

Happy Summer to All: This is early notice that the White Flint Implementation Committee will meet on Monday, August 13, 2018, 7 p.m. at Wall Local Park/Kennedy Shriver Aquatic Center. The primary purpose for this August meeting is to review a new MCDOT bikeway proposal along Executive Boulevard, between Nicholson Lane and Woodglen Drive.

Last week, the Council approved significant changes to the MPDU program (Bills No. 34-17 and 38-17) .

Via our Housing Planner, Lisa Govoni, here are highlights of Bill No. 34-17:

Provisions related to density bonuses located in Chapter 25A (the bonus density chart) are going to be removed from 25A and put in Chapter 59 on the Zoning Ordinance. A ZTA has been introduced (18-06) and it will have a public hearing on 9/11/18 for these changes to occur. One of the big changes in the ZTA is that instead of having a bonus density chart, an equation is going to be in Chapter 59 that states for .88% increase in density for each .1% increase in MPDUs above 12.5%. Capped at 22%.  It also is going to be applied to all zones (all residential zones, CR, EOF etc).


Requirement of payment to the Housing Initiative Fund (HIF) for developments between 11 and 19 units. Currently, developments fewer than 20 units are not subject to an MPDU requirement.

The laws allowing alternative payment and alternative location agreements have been loosened. DHCA can now accept payments/agreements for projects that have density bonuses and “regulatory constraints” that would render the construction of the MPDUs infeasible.

DHCA is now allowed to place/use alternative payment money outside of the same Planning Area of the development, where the development located, if the Council is given a 30-day notice period.

The approved Bill No.34-17 is available in this PDF. New language is underlined.


Bill 38-17: This bill requires a 15% legal requirement for MPDUs in Planning Areas, where 45 percent of the census tracts have a median income of at 150 percent of the county-wide median household income, at the time an applicant submits a completed application. The map below shows these areas, including White Flint and North Bethesda, where this new standard will be applied

The approved Bill No. 38-17 is available here.


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