Sweet News for Pike & Rose

Sweet News for Pike & Rose

DC Eater reports:

Chef and owner Caroline Yi’s debut brick-and-mortar location at the budding mixed-use complex (11869 Grand Park Avenue, North Bethesda, Md.) will offer French croissants she makes over three days, as well as brioche doughnuts filled with seasonal jam.

Yi, an avid self-taught baker who grew up in Montgomery County, has already exposed the neighborhood to her goods via an on-site farmer’s market on weekends. Her newest creation is a twice-baked “Elvis” croissant, stuffed with with roasted peanut filling, fresh bananas, and crispy bacon.

Sunday Morning will also serve omelettes and herb-baked eggs, along with toast topped with jam with sea salt and pan con tomate on crusty sourdough. For lunch, there’s a three-cheese grilled cheese and a tuna salad with sprouts on brioche (her mom’s recipe).

Yi, who started baking cookies for her family at age seven, ditched her career in digital marketing and has spent the past three years test batching and perfecting recipes.

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