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Bicycle Master Plan T&E Council Committee Worksession Recap

The Montgomery County Planning Department is making progress on the Bicycle Master Plan for Montgomery County through worksessions with the County Council.

On Monday, September 17, Planning Board Chair Casey Anderson and Montgomery Planning staff met with members of the Council’s Transportation, Infrastructure, Energy and Environment (T&E) Committee to discuss various aspects of the forward-thinking plan.

“This plan uses some of the most sophisticated analytical tools ever used for bicycle planning,” says Planning Board Chair Casey Anderson. “One of the objectives of the plan is to make bicycling a real mode of transportation for more county residents. Our data-driven approach to the plan’s recommendations show that safe bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure currently is lacking to connect people to their jobs, school and recreation – it’s an equity issue and one that can be solved with this plan.”

Some of the topics discussed at the T&E Committee worksession included:

Cost of the plan: The Bicycle Master Plan is intended to be implemented over a period of decades. Current cost estimates associated with the Bicycle Master Plan are not realistic in assuming every bikeway will get built as stand-alone projects funded by local government, as many will be implemented as part of other road and private development projects.

Implementation of the plan: The Council T&E Committee was complimentary of the Bicycle Master Plan goals but directed staff to remove target completion dates with each of the stages of the plan. Additionally, the committee wanted to make clear that the plan is an aspiration set of recommendations and that the plan is not intended to provided for the construction of every recommended bikeway, but rather that the plan provides redundancies in the network in the event that some recommendations are not feasible.

The T&E Committee’s next worksession on the Bicycle Master Plan is scheduled for October 1 and will focus on specific bikeway recommendations.

AARP is a new member of Friends of White Flint and offers all of you these Strathmore discounts

Below is the AARP Strathmore discount code for Friends of White Flint members.
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GET TICKETS: Order online here for Strathmore performances, order online here for AMP shows, call 301-581-5100, or purchase tickets in person at The Music Center by Strathmore (5301 Tuckerman Lane, North Bethesda, MD 20852).

What questions do you want to ask the county executive candidates?

Friends of White Flint is holding a County Executive Candidate Forum on Sunday, October 21 at 7:30 pm at AMP at Pike & Rose.  (If you want to attend, you need a free ticket because seats are limited.  Click here to get your tickets.)

We want to know what you think we ought to ask the three candidates for county executive at the forum..  What issues do you care about? On which topics do you want the candidates to clarify their views? Please send your questions to Friends of White Flint by October 3 to  We will have time to ask the candidates about ten to twelve questions and will be choosing all the questions from the suggestions submitted by our members and the residents, businesses, and property owners of the White Flint/Pike District area.

Sept 27 Meeting for Re-Development of Saab and Nissan Properties on Old Georgetown Road


September 12, 2018

Plan Type: Sketch Plan

Applicant: Old Georgetown Saab Property LLC, OGRCAP1LLC, Old Georgetown Nisan Property LLC

Name of Plan:  VOB White Flint

Current Zoning:  CR-4: C 2.0, R 3.5, H 250’

Area Included:  Approximately 5.06 acres

Geographic Location:  South side of Old Georgetown Road east of its intersection with Executive Boulevard and north of Market Street.

Proposed Application:  Sketch Plan for a Mixed-Use Project

Lots/Area and Uses: Approximately 1,051,012 square feet of gross floor area including: up to 1,000 Multi-family dwelling units and 110,169 square feet of commercial development on two lots.

An informational meeting regarding the above-referenced project has been scheduled for Thursday September 27, 2018 at 7:00 at the former Capital One Bank branch building located at 11575 Old Georgetown Road, Rockville, MD 20852.

The Property which is the subject of the Sketch Plan is comprised of three developed lots in the Tolson Center subdivision including: Lot 9 (5995 Executive Boulevard) former VOB Saab dealership: Lot 10 (11575 Old Georgetown Road) former Capital One Bank branch; Lot 5 (11605 Old Georgetown Road) former VOB Nissan dealership; as well as several undeveloped parcels (Parcel 2 and Parcel 5) and certain contiguous portions of the existing road right-of-ways.

The purpose of this meeting is to review the proposed Sketch Plan and then the meeting will be open to questions regarding the proposed project.

This plan has not been filed for acceptance with the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC).  If you have general questions about M-NCPPC’s process, please contact the Information Counter at (301) 495-4610.

If you are interested in receiving more information about the proposed Sketch Plan, please contact Michael S. Nagy, Esq., of Rifkin Weiner Livingston, LLC (301) 951-0150;

Fun Fall Events this Saturday at North Bethesda Market

Looks what’s happening Saturday at North Bethesda Market!

White Flint Placemaking Festival

The Montgomery County Planning Department is collaborating with the Better Block Foundation, a Dallas-based non-profit, to host a community-led placemaking event at the Randolph Hills Shopping Center in Fall 2018.  This Better Block event aims to bring together residents, local business owners, parents, teachers and students of nearby schools, and representatives of civic associations for a community-oriented placemaking event. Learn more at





Free trees for White Flint/North Bethesda/Grosvenor residents

To increase the urban tree canopy, the Montgomery Planning Department has launched Shades of Green, a program that provides free trees and planting for qualifying property owners in North Bethesda, Grosvenor and White Flint.  (Other parts of the County, too, but that’s not our focus.)

Here are the rules:

Trees cannot be planted in street rights-of-way. Rights-of-way are publicly owned lands that typically include streets and sidewalks.

Applicants must complete every field in the tree-planting request form.

Planners will respond to applications within 48 hours.

A site evaluation must be scheduled to confirm adequacy of space and location.

By partnering with property owners to plant trees on their land, planners will beautify urban districts, reduce street and air temperatures, and improve quality of life for all residents.

Shades of Green is financed through the Forest Conservation Fund, made up of contributions paid during the development process as compensation for tree loss when tree-planting on site is impractical.