An informative and successful County Executive Forum

An informative and successful County Executive Forum

Last night, a packed house at AMP by Strathmore listened as moderator Amy Ginsburg, Executive Director of Friends of White Flint, asked questions about development, schools, green space, budgeting, transit, and other issues important to the Pike District to the three candidates for county executive.  Nancy Floreen, Marc Elrich, and Robin Ficker spent an hour stating why they serve your vote.  The Sentinel covered this event; please read reporter Nickolai Sukharev‘s tweets to learn more about the candidate’s views.

Moderator says questions will focus on White Flint area

First question is on Amazon … Elrich says White Flint doesn’t need to be reengineered for the HQ2 … Ficker talks freedom from regulators … Floreen says Elrich fights Amazon HQ2 at every opportunity

Question on attracting development … Floreen talks business friendly policies … Ficker talks missed opportunities for Apple and FBI bids … Elrich talks small business incubators

Follow up for Elrich on growth projections … he clarifies jobs being created such as individual entrepreneurs

Question on infrastructure and development … chicken/egg analogy … Ficker talks Westbard … Elrich talks revenue reforms

Question on BRT … Elrich talks development districts in VA … Floreen talks application taxes … Ficker says BRT is ‘Big Robbery Today’ adds Elrich wants residents to ride a bus he won’t take

Elrich adds BRT should go to Clarksburg … Ficker says metro unreliable and funds should be used to fix metrorail

Question on Rockville Pike … all candidates support more bike infrastructure

Questions on school capacity in WJ cluster … Ficker says many people by buy homes based on school quality … Elrich says Woodward should be reopened … Floreen says school funds impacted by development

Question on school funding … Ficker says he will go to BoE and listen … Floreen says funding issues should be worked out during budget issues … Elrich talks greater cooperation with BoE

Question on MPDUs and housing … Floreen and Elrich support expanding housing opportunities

Question on green space … Floreen talks expanding park incentives in development … Ficker says he would expand athletic fields and increasing PE in schools

Question on debt … Ficker talks fiscal responsibility … Floreen says WallSt wants MoCo to have vibrant economy … Elrich says he opposes trickle down economics 

Question on cuts … Ficker says any business Elrich goes near closes such as Discovery Communications and Dawson’s Market 

During Sunday’s forum at the Strathmore AMP in Rockville, asked to sign a pledge not to increase taxes. Elrich did, but only under the stipulation that the pledge lasts for one year beginning July 1, 2019

Ficker added he asked and to sign the pledge, which is from the Americans For Tax Reform, during the Oct 8 forum at the B’nai Tzedek congregation in Potomac, but both refused. Ficker did not ask Floreen to sign the pledge at this evening’s forum

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