County Executive’s CIP Budget Released

County Executive’s CIP Budget Released

The CIP Budget is Montgomery County’s Capital Budget. We’ve been studying the CIP budget and talking with county officials about the CIP budget since it was released a few days ago. You can read the budget details here. Below are some of the parts of the CIP that most affect the White Flint area.

One of the first things to notice about the budget is that it eliminates funds for the second White Flint metro entrance. Funding was shifted to beyond the six year period due to affordability and the intention to pursue WMATA funding,

The plan also eliminates funding for Montrose Parkway East. Costs to construct the previously approved project have been eliminated and planning funds have been added to evaluate less costly alternative options for addressing safety and congestion concerns.

The CIP includes funding for a new five bay Fire and Rescue Station in the Rockville/White Flint area and the purchase of associated apparatus. The new facility will be located on an acquired site at the south-east quadrant of Route 355 and Randolph Road, Space has been added to co-locate a future Police Substation at the fire station

The Josiah Henson Park project received funding to rehabilitate the existing Josiah Henson Park and create a heritage tourism destination. The project includes converting the historic Riley/Bolten House to a public museum; constructing a new 2.900 square foot visitor center with bus-drop off area and five-car parking lot on the former Rozier property; and new landscape sitework and outdoor interpretation that will make the park more accessible for visitors and convey its former appearance as a plantation.

Finally, funding for the Wall Park garage was pushed back, too.

Stay tuned as we delve further into the CIP and determine our advocacy plan. Please share your thoughts on the County Executive’s CIP Budget with us at

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