The testimony we gave last night at the CIP council hearing.

The testimony we gave last night at the CIP council hearing.

Sheila Barton, Resident Board Member, gave the following testimony at the County Council CIP hearing last night.

Sheila Barton testifies
Sheila Barton (left) testifies last night at the County Council CIP Hearing

Good evening. My name is Sheila Barton. I have been a resident board member of Friends of White Flint for two years and currently serve as treasurer. Prior to that, I was the chair of the Friends of White Flint Resident Ambassadors.

The 2,000 supporters of Friends of White Flint, including property owners, residents, and businesses, want the promise of the White Flint sector plans to be fulfilled.  The implementation of those innovative sector plans is possible only through the funding of CIP projects.  One of the underlying tenets of the White Flint sector plan is transit-oriented development.  Needless to say, it is difficult to have transit-oriented development without transit, which is why we are extremely disappointed funding was eliminated in the CIP for a northern entrance for the White Flint metro station.

Now that Metro has eliminated the Grosvenor Turnback, more and more people are using the White Flint metro.  A northern metro entrance significantly expands the metro walkshed, and it is critical to encouraging development in the Pike District.  Friends of White Flint strongly urges you to fund the second metro entrance in this year’s CIP budget. It is simply not a reasonable strategy to ask a financially struggling WMATA to pay for this new entrance.

Walking and biking in the White Flint area continues to grow. Many more want to walk and bike to work, retail, and residences but are stymied because more needs to be done to make the White Flint area as walkable as possible as quickly as possible.  As a resident of the White Flint/Pike District area and a Friends of White Flint board member, I ask you to fund the second metro entrance and essential pedestrian and bicycle improvements.

Through the CIP, the County sets its long-term priorities. Show that your priorities are multi-modal transit.  Demonstrate that your priorities are transit-oriented development that encourages new development. Demonstrate your support for the transformation of the White Flint area through this CIP by fully funding a second metro entrance.

Thank you.

Amy Ginsburg




Thank you for speaking on our behalf. Like many others living in the region, I was disappointed to see the new council’s abandonment of the funding for the new metro entrance. I fear that this is only the first action to signal the council’s disinterest in revitalizing the region. It makes me want to become more involved in the process. For concerned voters out here, how (and who) can we contact in the regional government to have the most impact? Keep up the good work!

    Amy Ginsburg

    Actually, many councilmembers are fighting to return funding to the capital budget for the second metro entrance. The proposed CIP or capital budget was released by the county executive. I suggest you contact your District One Councilmember Andrew Friedson if you want to give your input.

    And thanks for the kind words!

    Amy Ginsburg, Executive Director

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