Learn about Energized Public Spaces Design Guidelines

Learn about Energized Public Spaces Design Guidelines

The purpose of Montgomery Parks’ Energized Public Spaces (EPS) Design Guidelines is to create energized, inviting, easily accessible, attractive, comfortable, and safe public spaces.

The EPS Design Guidelines will provide overall direction for major features of parks and public spaces design including the recommended size, type of experiences and amenities that each park type should provide. You can read a draft of the EPS Design Guidelines here.

When complete, the EPS Design Guidelines will be a companion document to the Energized Public Spaces (EPS) Functional Master Plan.

The Vision & Goals

These guidelines will aim to create places within a short walk where people of all ages and incomes can meet, play, relax, exercise, enjoy nature and more in a range of public spaces where we have the most people.

The guidelines will develop flexible guidelines for public spaces, create a common language for planners, developers, and citizens, and examples that illustrate the guidelines intent.

Public Input

Ideas and comments from the public are welcome throughout the planning process. The public is welcome to submit comments our Open Town Hall Webpage  or Contact the Project Coordinator for additional information. There will be a public hearing on February 28th.

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