Western Workaround construction activities anticipated for the next two weeks beginning February 24

Western Workaround construction activities anticipated for the next two weeks beginning February 24

The utility infrastructure relocation and construction which began in August 2018 under the previous contract as Phase 1B continues. The work is scheduled to finish end of winter, 2019 and will take place alongside the work designated as Phase 2. Phase 1B work includes temporary daily lane closures on Executive Boulevard between Marinelli and Old Georgetown Roads at the following locations:

  • Verizon telecommunications infrastructure construction located in the northbound right lanes of Executive Boulevard prior to Old Georgetown Road now scheduled to wrap up on or about March 1, 2019;
  • PEPCO electrical construction located in the southbound right lane of Executive Boulevard between Marinelli Road and Banneker Avenue that began on January 2, 2019 with construction duration of six to eight weeks;
  • PEPCO electrical construction on the MNCPPC Aquatic Center property north of the Marinelli Road entrance that began on January 24, 2019 with construction tentatively scheduled to end March 15, 2009 as the contractor awaits design changes;
  • Washington Gas infrastructure upgrades in and along Old Georgetown Road both in the main line and at the intersection with Executive Blvd being completed by National Pipe Line (NPL)

The construction under contract for Construction Management at Risk (CMAR) with Corman Kokosing Construction Company which began in early January, continues on Towne Road formerly known as Hoya Street behind the Pike & Rose complex. Until further notice, no parking is permitted on either side of Towne Road. Violators will be subject to citations and violators impeding the construction will be towed. In addition, please pay attention to any temporary closure(s), look for steel roadway plates, expect probable driving delays, and look for possible pedestrian detours as the contractor conducts field operations between Montrose Parkway and the end of the cul-de-sac of Towne Road as well as the southbound right lane of Old Georgetown Road south of the Executive Boulevard intersection. In addition, new construction operations began late last week in the right-of-way area at the northwest corner of Executive Boulevard and Old Georgetown Road with the duration of three to four weeks. During the next two weeks, construction operations include but are not limited to:

  • Continued equipment mobilization and staging;
  • Material delivery and staging;
  • Roadway saw cutting;
  • Trench and other excavation;
  • Conduit placement and backfilling;
  • Structure placement;
  • Hot mix asphalt pavement placement.

Please note that these will be active work zones so be sure to look for the orange warning signs and flaggers! This initial round of utility relocation and construction has a scheduled duration of three months. White Flint West Project News will update all construction activities.

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