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More about second White Flint metro entrance

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WMATA is currently studying how they might design and build a second entrance at the White Flint metro station. Here are some slides from a presentation they made at a North Bethesda Transportation Management District meeting last week.

2010 Study

In 2010, WMATA created a station access plan with the goals of creating: 1) better access at the existing Marinelli Road station entrance, 2) two options for a new north entrance, and 3) possible alignments for a pedestrian connection.

2017 Federal Realty Study

In 2017, Federal Realty performed a study of the second entrance with the goal of reducing the capital costs of a new north entrance and phasing the implementation of a new north entry.

Current WMATA Study

In the current feasibility study, WMATA is determining the prefered alternative for the design of a second entrance, studying a phased approach, performing an engineering feasibility and constructability evaluation, and developing a cost estimate. WMATA is also studying the pedestrian crossings at Old Georgetown and Route 355 to see if and how an access tunnel should be built.

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