Check out the design guidelines for White Flint 2

Check out the design guidelines for White Flint 2

Last night, Montgomery Planning gave the public the chance to review the proposed design guidelines for White Flint 2. For those of you who couldn’t make it to the Shriver Aquatic Center, here is a summary of the guidelines and links to the actual proposed White Flint 2 Design Guidelines.

The comment period ends April 15. To provide feedback, email or call Atul Sharma at 301-495-4658.

Click to read the entire document Parking Lots to Places: Urban Design Guidelines for Rock Spring and White Flint 2. The full document includes an introduction, vision, guidelines for Rock Spring, guidelines for White Flint 2, and community led placemaking.

I recommend you check out the actual White Flint 2 design guidelines, which include road design, streetscapes, green space, setbacks, bicycle and pedestrian paths, and more. But for those of you who lack the time or inclination, here are a few images that provide a quick overview. When you click each image, it will expand to make it easier to read.

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