Western Workaround Construction Update

Western Workaround Construction Update

Are you seeing more orange traffic cones around Old Georgetown Road and Executive Blvd? Here’s why.

Some of the utility infrastructure relocation and construction which began in August 2018 is winding down and will finish in early Spring, 2019.

Construction continues on Towne Road behind Pike & Rose and along Old Georgetown Road. Over the next week, construction activity related to Towne Road will be focused in the area of the existing stormwater management pond between the Towne Road cul-de-sac and Executive Boulevard. Until further notice, no parking is permitted on either side of Towne Road. In addition, please pay attention to any temporary closures, look for steel roadway plates, expect probable driving delays, and look for possible pedestrian detours as the contractor conducts these ongoing field operations.

Construction activities with their attendant right lane closure in the southbound lanes of Old Georgetown Road after Executive Boulevard will continue. During nighttime construction work, they will require multiple lane closures on Old Georgetown Road and Executive Boulevard.

Amy Ginsburg


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