Q&A Interview with GKA a creative agency

Q&A Interview with GKA a creative agency

Recently, Friends of White Flint Executive Director Amy Ginsburg had an opportunity to interview a new member of Friends of Pike District, GKA a creative agency, a full-service marketing agency that has been in business for 30+ years. Friends of White Flint was eager to hear “their secret sauce” and share it with our members. In an interview with Sarah Crisafulli, the agency’s Vice President of Brand Strategy, who is also the newest Board Member on the Friends of Pike District, Amy discovered fun facts about our neighbors on Executive Boulevard. 

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You’ve been in business for 31 years – what’s your advice to other businesses?

My best advice is to always put your clients first.  We train our team to embrace that our clients are the real reason that we do what we do everyday and striving for excellence really matters. At GKA, we believe we don’t cross the finish line unless the client is happy and sees results from our actions.  In many cases we are an extension of our clients’ marketing team. We want to be a reflective surface at all times, and I think our clients very much appreciate this approach.

What does your company specialize in?

GKA is a full service marketing agency. We do it all, soup to nuts. For some of our clients, we are their “in-house” marketing team; we lead the ongoing strategy, development and execution of everyday marketing from their day-to-day social media posts to email marketing, copywriting, and digital campaigns. For other clients, we lead initiatives such as developing a new brand (logos, colors, fonts) to designing and programming new website. We make ourselves invaluable to our clients by learning about their business and how to speak to their prospects in order to generate revenue for them. We’re passionate about our work because we love our clients; our clients come first before anything else.

Who are your typical clients?

Well, GKA started 30+ years ago as a marketing agency for real estate developers and homebuilders. We are proud to still have a strong foundation in real estate – one of our clients in the homebuilding industry has been with us 20+ years, and we’re well-versed in almost every industry, such as hospitality, nonprofits, legal, paint manufacturing, small businesses, and so forth. No matter the industry, we enjoy becoming experts in our clients’ line of work so we can develop their thought leadership within that industry.

If you could have any client in the world, who would it be and why?

I would want Disney because that is a place that is always happy and where you always feel like a kid.  I think it would be fun to work on a campaign filled with so much magic.  

What’s one word to describe your agency?

If I had to choose one word, it would be curious or passionate. At GKA, our team is constantly pushing the envelope and seeking innovation. At the same time, the team is deeply passionate about our clients’ marketing which I believe is always evident in the finished product.

Feel free to say hello to our new member, Sarah Crisafulli at scrisafulli@gkaadvertising.com. Intrigued by GKA? Pop over to their new website and click around – www.gkaadvertising.com. Or visit them at https://www.instagram.com/gkacreativeagency/ and https://www.facebook.com/gkacreativeagency/

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