What’s happening this week with the Western Workaround

What’s happening this week with the Western Workaround

Western Workaround/White Flint West construction activities anticipated for the next two weeks beginning June 2, 2019

The utility infrastructure relocation and construction which began in August 2018 under the previous contract as Phase 1B still awaits completion. This work should finish in summer 2019.

  • PEPCO electrical construction located on the MNCPPC Aquatic Center property north of the Marinelli Road entrance has been completed—the contractor will return once PEPCO has installed a new power pole; the County is waiting on PEPCO’s schedule for pole placement.
  • Washington Gas (WGL) infrastructure upgrades being completed by National Pipe Line (NPL) continue in and along Old Georgetown Road in the main line south of the intersection with Executive Boulevard. The Contractor’s directional drilling and pipe placement operations underneath Executive Boulevard and Old Georgetown Road continue. Their equipment remains set up and staged in the grassy area south of the Towne Road cul-de-sac. Once NPL has completed the installation of the WGL 12” main line, the Contractor will work in the northbound and southbound lanes of Old Georgetown Road north of the Executive Boulevard intersection to complete connections. Some of the work will be completed during the nighttime hours of 8 pm to 5 am. These upgrades are part of the White Flint West project but are conducted under a separate contract directed by WGL. NPL is tentatively scheduled to complete these WGL upgrades by the end of July 2019, weather permitting.

The construction activities continue on Towne Road behind the Pike & Rose complex and along Old Georgetown Road. Over the next two weeks, construction activity related to Towne Road will be focused south of the area of the existing storm water management pond between the Towne Road cul-de-sac and Executive Boulevard. Until further notice, no parking is permitted on either side of Towne Road. Violators will be subject to citations and violators impeding the construction will be towed. In addition, please pay attention to any temporary closure(s), look for steel roadway plates, expect probable driving delays, and look for possible pedestrian detours as the contractor conducts these ongoing field operations.

PEPCO’s utility contractor continues with PEPCO system upgrades during the daytime hours. PEPCO will conduct system outages in order to place new poles and lines and switch over to new systems. Rockingham, PEPCO’s Contractor, should complete this phase by mid-June 2019. Look for further updates regarding these outages. PEPCO is tentatively scheduled to begin placing new power poles on the west side of Towne Road. Verizon will place their telecom poles shortly after PEPCO has completed their pole placement.

Daytime construction activities with their attendant lane closures in the southbound turn ramp of Executive Boulevard at Old Georgetown Road and the westbound lanes of Executive Boulevard at Old Georgetown Road continue. Lane closures of the eastbound lanes of Executive Boulevard at Old Georgetown Road will begin during this period. At any time during the workday, construction could include multiple lane closures on Old Georgetown.

For additional information on the White Flint Project please visit http://www.whiteflintproject.com

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